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Get Familiar with the Australia Skilled Immigration Points

Are you looking to migrate to Australia? Have you already calculated your points for Skilled Immigration? It’s necessary to calculate your points for General Skilled Migration Visa.
Australia has launched one of the organized policies for overseas skilled professionals who intend to live, as well as work in Australia on a permanent basis. The point-based system makes you able to calculate your immigration scores and check your eligibility whether or not you can immigrate.
We at TheMeetWorld.com help you to understand the point system clearly.
The reason for Working in Point System for Skilled Migrants:
Australia prefers to follow the point-based immigration system mainly for skilled professionals who intend to migrate to Australia. And the reason behind this point-based system is to intake only the skilled professionals to contribute towards the economy of the country. Australia has the strongest economy and just to sustain its economic development, Australia brings several opportunities for skilled professionals to participate in economic development.
The immigration point to migrate to Australia is particularly calculated depending on some of the important factors including the age of the applicant, qualification, English language requirement, work experience, and other factors. The scores are given based on each skill. Applicant has to score at least 65 points out of 100 in order to file an EOI. Moreover, an applicant should be below 45 years to apply for PR and should score great IELTS bands for increasing the immigration score. So, to apply for Australia Skilled Visa, scores are the prime factor that decides one’s way to Australia.
The below table lists the current pool and pass marks for the point-based visas:

  1. Skill Independent:

A permanent visa for those with skills in demand in the labour market of Australia. Applicants must pass a point test and they are not sponsored.
The current pass mark is 120

  1. Skilled Sponsored Visa:

A permanent visa for those who are incapable of meeting the pass mark. Applications should be either nominated by a Territory government or a participating State or sponsored by an entitled relative residing in Australia.
The current pass mark is 100.

  1. Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa:

A three-year provisional visa for those who meet the minimum pass mark for this specific visa. Applicant must be nominated by a territory government or a participating state or sponsored by a suitable relative residing in Australia. After residing there for 2 years and working for 1 yearin a particular regional area, an applicant can easily apply for a permanent visa.
The current pass mark is 100.
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