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Why do I need TheMeetWorld.com?
Though Australia welcomes highly skilled migrants with relevant work experience, there is also a limit to the number of skilled visas granted every year. So, each year, more candidates than spaces obtainable are applying and a huge number of potential migrants are being rejected. Additionally, there doesn’t exist any right of appeal against the visa refusal unless the application was being made in Australia or in case an Australian citizen, organisation or permanent resident-sponsored the applicant. And that implies only most well-prepared candidates could be granted an approval for relocation to Australia. However, by using the services of TheMeetWorld.com, you are given professional help and a detailed knowledge of Australian immigration rule that will help you to process your visa application. You are protected from a mistake that might cost you money and time or lead to being rejected in your application.

How do I know my possibilities of being granted a visa to Australia?
We would access your background carefully in a preliminary assessment right before accepting your case. As a professional, we represent those only who we believe may be successful in their application for immigration to Australia.

Apart from your charges, what are the other costs to make an application for GSM to Australia?
Well, the costs involved based on the visa class under which you are applying. There is a particular application charge, which differs as per the visa class. You would even need to pay for your skill test by the relevant assessing authority, for medical tests, and for police clearances.

What if my application is unsuccessful?
We would assess your eligibility before accepting your application. If your visa application is unsuccessful, our service charge would be compensated.

How long does the visa procedure take?
The time for visa processing might differ based on the visa class under you apply and the location of the Australian overseas mission to which you have submitted your application. It usually takes 6-12 months approximately for skilled migration.

Does the visa application cover my family members for e.g. my spouse and kids?
In case you are the principal applicant, then the visa application could include your spouse and children. All you need to do is to satisfy the primary criteria. The family can include your wife/husband, dependent children and other dependants like aged parents. But dependent children are under the age of 18; however, older children might be considered as dependent in case you prove them to be reliant on your shelter, food, financial, and other support.
If you want to know anything outside these, then feel free to contact us. Our consultants will be glad to answer your questions.

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  • I currently own an overseas business and willing to invest in Australia I am an experienced investor with considerable assets which I am willing to invest in Australia I currently own and manage a Business in Australia an would like to apply for a Business visa None of the above apply to me
  • I have relatives in Australia who would be willing to sponsor me I have a partner or de facto in Australia willing to sponsor me There is a company willing to employ and sponsor me None of the above apply to me