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Our clients appreciate knowing exactly where they stand on legal fees and costs.

We provide you written terms of our services and fees as soon as possible after you notify you want to hire us.

You must sign and return the Client Agreement we send you as soon as possible after you receive it. Please don\’t hesitate to call if you require any information or clarification.

Following is an example skilled visa total cost

Skill Independent (sub class 175)

Skills Assessment Assistance Fee Australian $***/-to be paid when the contract signed by both parties

Immigration Application Assistance Fee Australian $***- to be paid before the immigration application(s) is lodged with the DIMIA and we have recived positive skill assessemnt for your occupation

Please note that there would not be any hiden charge , All international courier charges would be included

The exact professional charge would be decided after carefully assessment of individual’s case and complexity involved in a case.

Fees charged for work performed can vary as a result of a number of factors.