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What are the steps for migrating to Australia?
The skilled immigration process to Australia is essentially of 3 steps. The first step is to have your skills assessed by the relevant assessment agency in Australia. This step requires submitting an application form with all supporting documentation and a fee for processing. It usually takes some 3 months for the assessment agency to process an application.

Once you have received a favorable assessment, you can then lodge the immigration application form with the Adelaide post of DIMIA (Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, Australia). This is the second step and it should take around a year for DIMA to get back to you with the outcome of your application.

The third and final step is for you to submit a police clearance certificate and undergo necessary health checks, upon being advised by DIMIA. At the end of the process, you
How long will my application for skilled migration take to come through?
1. Skills Assessment: This can take between one month and six months depending on the occupation. You need to have a completed skills assessment prior to lodging your main visa application.
2. Main Visa Application: DIMIA currently advises that the processing time for most application is 50 weeks for most occupations. Currently, nurses are processed on a priority basis, and DIMIA advises that such applications should take 3-4 months. However, processing time can be longer than this, particularly if health and character checks take some time to come through.

Processing times depend on
- How well your application is prepared
- Legal submission by the migration agent
- Medical factors
- Number of applications lodged in the category you are applying for during the year
- Visa Caps set for that year (the number of visas that DIMIA plan to grant in one financial year)
- How efficiently the queries from DIMIA during processing are replied.
What type of assessment authorities are in Australia?
There is approximetly 33 different assessment authority are currently in austrlaia.
Each Authority has very different fees, approaches and requirements, and some are extremely difficult to meet. For example, the Australian Institute of Management is considered to have the strictest criteria of all the authorities. as their grid is about experience. Some Authorities will require the applicant to sit an exam, have a higher standard of English than necessary for migration purposes, or fulfil further requirements on arrival in Australia. Other Authorities merely compare whether the qualification is equivalent to Australian standard, and will give a positive assessment without considering work experience. A few Authorities will assess purely on work experience in lieu of qualifications(like Trades recognition Australia), but the level of detail and evidence of development of skill are crucial to success.
Job titles overseas do not always reflect the occupation as understood in Australia, and so a close look at the duties and responsibilities for the occupation may be required. Some people find they could nominate multiple occupations from the Skilled Occupations List in which case qualifications and employment history needs to be compared against the differing requirements of each Assessing Authority to determine which application would achieve the most favourable outcome. There is nothing to prevent you from applying for multiple skills asssessments to see which are successful, but as only one can be used to claim visa points
Do I need formal qualifications to apply for skilled migration?
In most cases, applicants will need formal qualifications in order to pass skills assessment. In particular, for 40 or 50-point occupations, you will definitely need to hold formal tertiary qualifications to qualify for skills assessment. However, formal qualifications are not necessarily required in the following 60-point occupations:
1. Trades: If you can show that you have worked for 6 years plus in your trade, you can in most cases get a positive skills assessment in the trade. If you have completed a formal apprenticeship, the required period of work experience is less.
2. Managers: If you have worked at a senior level of management in a large company for at least 5 years, you can qualify for skills assessment as a manager without formal qualifications.
3. IT Professionals: If you have worked in IT for 6 years or more, and have gained similar level of understanding of IT as the holder of a diploma in IT through on-the-job learning and private study, you can qualify for skills assessment as an IT professional.
Do I need good English language ability to qualify for skilled migration?
You will need to have at least vocational English to qualify for skilled migration, unless you apply under the skill designated area category or you are a native English language speaker. In all other cases, you will need to sit for the IELTS test of English language ability.

How much money should I take to Australia (or show in my bank account, during visa processing)?

There is no minimum set amount prescribed by DIMIA that you should show in your bank account, during the processing of your visa.

However the changes brought about in 1999, require newly arrived migrants to wait for a period of 2 years, before they would become eligible for any social security payments such as unemployment benefit. In the immigration application form, you would be required to give an undertaking in this regard. The application form also provides some information on how much newly arrived immigrants spent on an average in Australia/New Zealand upon their arrival. So you should be able to take sufficient amount of funds with you in order to be able to survive, in case you do not find employment.

While assessing your application, the visa officers would give due consideration to the employment opportunities for the skilled occupation category you are applying under, when determining whether the funds you have shown in the application form would be sufficient for you to survive in the initial period of settlement in Australia.

increasingly more difficult to migrate.
How can MEETWORLD consultant help with my application?
As a first step, you can obtain a preliminary assessment of your likely eligibility for skilled migration by sending us an email enquiry. Or resume. One of our registered migration agents will then go through your case and give you an honest and realistic assessment of your eligibility.

Once we have determined whether you have a good chance of qualifying for skilled migration, we can assist you to prepare and lodge your application for skilled migration. This would include:
1. Advising you on requirements for skills assessment, and which occupation would be best for you to nominate.
2. Preparing and lodging your application for skills assessment
3. Advising you on requirements for the visa, and the best way to make your application
4. Preparing all supporting documentation
5. Completion of required forms
6. Preparation of a legal submission addressing the relevant sections of the Migration Regulations and clearly outlining your eligibility for the visa
7. Lodgment of the application with the Adelaide Skilled Migration Processing Centre
8. Monitoring the progress of the application once it is lodged with DIMIA. This includes answering all queries and requests for further information on your behalf

Why should I engage a migration agent?

There are a number of reasons why you should engage a migration agent to assist you with an application for skilled migration:
1. There are a large number of skills assessing authorities. All have different rules, some of which are very complex. These rules also change through time, so it is a good idea to engage professionals who deal with the skills assessing authorities on a daily basis. Choosing the right nominated occupation is critical to your application - this takes experience and judgment.
2. Immigration law and policy in the area of skilled migration is complex and constantly changing.
3. DIMIA booklets for skilled migration do not contain all the information you require to make a successful application. In particular, some issues of the booklets had the incorrect pass mark, out-of-date Migration Occupations in Demand Lists and misleading information on English language testing. When putting together your application, we will make reference to the Migration Regulations and the Procedures Advice Manual, which are the sources the Department of Immigration uses to make a decision on your application.
4. A migration agent can assist you with the multitude of important ancillary tasks such as undertaking health and character checks, arranging assurance of support bonds, obtaining certified copies of documents for submission and obtaining original documents such as birth and marriage certificates.
5. Skilled migration is costly and takes a long time to come through. In many cases, you may only get one chance to lodge a successful application, particularly if you are turning 45 soon. It is advisible to get professional help to get the application right the first time.
In the last few years more than 50% of all applications ended up being rejected by DIMIA. An application assisted by a experienced migration agent can enhance the prospects for acceptance by DIMIA.. To enhance the prospects of your application to be accepted, we present a legal submission with your application. In this, we address every single aspect of the law, regulations and DIMIA immigration procedures manual with respect to your case and this could sometimes run up to over 30 pages. We can communicate with the DIMIA office to follow up on your application, which is not possible if you do the application directly or by unknown agent.
Why I should migrate to Australia only ?
1. Australia needs skilled workers! 150,000 jobs are advertised weekly.
2. The unemployment rate is the lowest in years.
3. Salaries are increasing rapidly due to the short supply of skilled workers.
4. The standard of living is very high. Sydney has been voted the best city to live in in the world. (US Magazine, Travel & Leisure)
5. Demand is so high, you no longer need a job in order to be granted a migration visa.

Australian Government statistics confirm 89% of Skilled Independent visa holders gain employment within the first six months and 92% within 18 months of arrival in Australia. For this reason it has never been a better time to make that move.

Can you guarantee the success of my application?
No - this is expressly forbidden by the Migration agent code of conduct. ( Any application, no matter how strong on paper, can be refused by DIMIA. Some of the criteria for the visa are beyond our control (eg health and character). However, our track record shows that once we have assessed your case, you should have a good chance of success

What is the best time to apply?

The best time to apply is ‘NOW’. Because as you get older you get fewer points and if you are over 45, you would not be eligible to apply to migrate to Australia.

Day by day, The department is changing immigration policy and law to make strict criteria for skill migration. So, to day you are eligible but you may not be eligible after a month or two. So to day is the best time to apply.

About the Principal Consultant

The principal consultant at Meet world has through knowledge of Australian immigration law and handled many complicated cases with 100% success track record till today. The entire success is based on positive skill assessment, and there is nearly 1000 occupation has been classified by Australian govt. so it is likely to difficult with handled variety of Assessing authority and their different criteria but our consultants have dealt with most of Assessing authority and familiar with their nature and content of criteria for positive skill assessment. We are handling clients from many different countries with different skills and experience .So, It is likely a first step of success when once we evaluate your case and agree to provide our service.
Other non registered migration agent offering advice on immigration issues overseas are not bothered much and not taking particular care. so it may lead you to failure and there is very little advantage in going through such person. Instead, you could lodge the application your self and save a lot of money.
About Meet world Immigration Consultant

Meet world Consulting is a professional consulting firm operating in the field of migration consulting for Australia, Canada, and United Kingdome. We are a professionally run firm and offer quality advice. Our office is equipped with a network of computers and all modern communication devices. Our fees are relatively low compared to what many other agents charges .We pre assesses your case very precisely with regards to prospect of successes before we allowed you to register with us. We do not charge for this pre assessment service.
Be right the first time. Save time and money by getting your application handled by Meet world.
Skilled Visa - FAQ
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